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The Storyline

Directors Vision - Madeleine Dyer

Set in a faded and jaded world, this dilapidated sexual health clinic houses a family of sexual misfits, for want of a better word. Wading through their own personal insecurities and obscurities, I set out to explore their many issues of sexuality and gender identity.

Only through fostering the absolute truth with my actors for their characters, were we able to keep the comedy gently simmering throughout whilst hopefully earning empathy in our audience. Through these characters we paint a world where no matter what your sexual orientation is, what gender you identify as or what latest strain of herpes you have, you are normal.

Playing into often outrageous situations, we all did our best to keep a straight face. After all, many of our characters are based on real people and events, proving that truth really is funnier than fiction.

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