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Zoe McDonald


Open Slather, Good Morning Mofo

Sarah’s a sexual health nurse who’s permanently having a bad day. Her patients are hypochondriacs and horse-fuckers. Her boss always ‘overshares’ (her man’s dick pics). And her therapist just told her she ‘screams dead mother’. 


Genevieve Morris


No Activity, The Family Law, Little Acorns, Comedy Inc

Boss and matriarch Barb prides herself on telling it like it is. That would be great except her TMI Radar is apparently broken, so she overshares the details of her sex life (and her husband’s dick pics).  


Chloe Ng


Wentworth, Neighbours, Superwog

Shy nurse Jackie has multiple profiles on dating sites, but is terrified of actual physical contact. She worries that her lack of experience will affect her ability to do well in the sexual health field, but is oblivious to the fact that she has a secret admirer among the clinic staff.


Jay K Cagatay


he Slot Comedy, Open Slather, Stuntbear, SBS PopAsia

Gender-fluid receptionist Karl/Karen is stuck somewhere on the spectrum between sharing his/her girlfriend’s clothes and persuading her to wear a strap-on.  Easier said than done when your girlfriend’s obsessed with being ‘normal’.  A pioneer in her own gender identity you can’t hold this good man/woman down.


Mark Silveira


Pawno, I Love You Too, Better Man

Greg is the put-upon and lonely cleaner, who just tries to look after them all, even when his help is completely unwelcome. An old-school guy who really doesn’t get the modern sexual smorgasbord, he’s often out of his depth, but is refreshingly honest about it.


Katie Castles


Ride Like a Girl, I Love Man Tits, Pacific Cove

Local sex worker Mullen hangs around the clinic like an unwelcome mascot.  A true Melburnian, she prices her services in terms of cups of coffee (wristie = same price as a decaf latte).  But really she’s there because the staff are the closest thing to family she’s got.


Rohan Nichol

Dr Phillip Roth

Star Wars, Home and Away, Red Dog, Fools Gold

As the only male therapist specialising in female sexual dysfunction, Dr Roth is Sarah’s worst nightmare. His unconventional methods don’t help.  Telling her she ‘screams dead mother’ is one thing, but his insistence that Sarah ‘wants him’ despite being gay is just asking for a swift knee to the groin (which he’d probably enjoy).


Harriet Dyer


Wakefield, The Other Guy, No Activity, Love Child, Killing Ground

Becky is the straight-edged, middle class and incredibly suburban girlfriend of Karen/Karl. Becky is a primary school teacher who craves normalcy - and, needless to say, she is fiercely heteronormative. So, when her boyfriend starts wearing her clothes, stealing her earrings and asking her to strap one on, things don't go well! 


Veronica Thomas


Ride Like a girl, Neighbours, Bruce, Dr Blake's Murder Mysteries

Clare constantly second guesses herself and finds herself in every awkward situation possible, despite her best intentions. She feigns a flirty demeanour but is actually quite insecure when it comes to matters of the heart. Could she be the girl Sarah's been looking for (in her sea of STIs)?


David Todman


Utopia, Wanted, Dadmate, Monkey Man

Liam is the clinic’s resident hypochondriac who tries Barb’s patience with his never-ending health scares.  He convinces himself a love bite is a ‘cat aids’ lesion and once thought he had genital warts in his armpits, although they were just ingrown hairs.

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