Sexy Herpes

A new dramedy series

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Sarah’s a sexual health nurse who’s permanently having a bad day. Her patients are hypochondriacs and sexual misfits; Her boss always ‘overshares’ (her man’s di*k pics). And her therapist just told her she screams ‘dead mother’.  

Set in a sexual health clinic where the staff are as dysfunctional as their patients, Sarah’s surrounded by an eclectic band of workmates.  There’s gender-fluid receptionist Karl/Karen who’s stuck somewhere between sharing his/her girlfriend’s clothes and persuading her to wear a strap-on; Boss and matriarch Barb, who’s TMI Radar is apparently broken and has unfortunately discovered sexting;  and shy nurse Jackie, who has multiple profiles on Asian dating sites, but is terrified of actual physical contact. 


This motley crew of misfits may still be working out how the hell life, sex and relationships really work, but at least they all have each other. As their favourite toast goes, ‘here’s to being f*cked up!’


OCT 2019


Turns out SEXY HERPES translates roughly to 'SANS RENDEZ-VOUS' so sophisticated! We're pleased to announce that our little web series Sexy Herpes has been optioned and green-lit for production as a new French-Canadian longform series of 10x 22minute episodes by Aetios Productions, airing on Canadian CBC! Congratulations to producers Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau, author Marie-Andrée Labbé, and the new 'Sarah' and star for the show Magalie Lépine Blondeau. On se voit à la clinique!

NOV 2018

We won the Jury award for Outstanding Scriptwriting at NZ Web Fest! Thank you so much to our friends across the ditch for recognising our powerhouse creatives Dan and Maddy!

OCT 2018

We won Best Sitcom at Minnesota Web Fest!

We are over the moon and would like to thank the jury for recognising our passion for making this quality web series.  

SEP 2018

We are now streaming on US based streaming service Revry! Watch you favourite web series on the leading LGBTQ streaming service now.  

JUL 2018

Travelling on Virgin Australia this September-November? Then look out for Sexy Health (aka Sexy Herpes) on the inflight entertainment - bringing some laughs to your time in the air.  


NZ Web Fest 2018 🇳🇿

Official Selection

Winner - Best Scriptwriting

Nomination: Best Ensemble Int Narrative

Minnesota Web Fest 2018 🇺🇸

Official Selection

Winner - Best Sitcom

Nomination - Best  Ensemble

Nomination - Best Cinematography

Nomination - Best LGBTQ

London Short Series Festival 2017 🇬🇧

Official Selection

Winner - Best Ensemble 

Nomination - Best Comedy

Asia Web Awards 2018 🇰🇷

Official Selection

Winner - Michael Ajakwe Jr

 Achievement Award

Nomination - Best Dramedy

Nomination - Best Web Series

Rio Web Fest 2018 🇧🇷

Official Selection

Nomination - Best Ensemble Cast (Comedy)

UK Web Fest 2018 🇬🇧

Official Selection

Bilbao Seriesland 2018 🇪🇸

Selection- AMETS Section

Nomination - Starlett AMETS

Nomination - Star Wars AMETS

Nomination - Top AMETS

Melbourne Web Fest 2018 🇦🇺

Official Selection

Nomination - Best Australian Comedy

Seoul Web Fest 2018 🇰🇷

Official Selection

Nomination - Best Dramedy

Nomination - Best Ensemble

Nomination - Best Editing

Copenhagen Web Fest 2018 🇩🇰

Nomination- International Web Series

Sicily Web Fest 2018 🇮🇹

Official Selection

LA Web Fest 2018 🇺🇸

Official Selection

Nomination - Trailer of the Year

Pilot Light TV Festival 2018 🇬🇧

Official Selection

Out Web Fest 2018 🇺🇸

Official Selection

Setting Sun Film Festival 2018 🇦🇺

Official Selection

Carballo Interplay 2018 🇪🇸

Official Selection

Web Series Festival Global 2018 🇺🇸

Official Selection

Capricorn Film Festival 2017 🇦🇺

Official Selection

Nomination - Best Director 

International Online Web Fest 2017 🇬🇧

Official Selection

Nomination - Best Makeup




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APR 2018

We're excited to announce that your favourite comedy series 'Sexy Herpes' will air on Channel 9GO! in Australia and available for catch up on 9Now.